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EOTech is Still Among Your Finest Sight Alternatives
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If you're searching for a red dot type sight for your weapon then one brand name that is very much worth thinking about is EOTech. There are a lot of lower end rivals in this market but EOTech, in addition to Aimpoint, are really the only two that carry the degree of quality that those serious about the use of their weapon would be interested in. Though both Aimpoint and EOTech have their merits I will discuss just EOTech's line of optics in this short article.


Most likely the single most evident quality of an EOTech that sits it apart from numerous lesser sights is it's unmatched capability for quick aiming. There are a variety of applications in which having the ability to quickly acquire the target is not only helpful however definitely essential. Hunters, police officers, and those in the military have actually all seen the advantages of the EOTech in this area.


There are a few attributes that permit quick aiming with this optic:


- The reticule design: Although some designs provide other alternatives, the standard reticle plan has a 65 MOA (minute of angel) circle with a far smaller sized 1 MOA dot in the center. The larger circle is extremely noticeable even at a glance and let's the shooter get on close up targets extremely quickly while the little dot still permits exact focusing on more distant targets


- The size of the sight window: Rather than standard scope designs, as well as numerous other red dot type optics, the EOTech uses a wide open sight image just minimally limited by the protective housing.


EOTech offers over a lots models of holographic sights and generally several variations on each of those, so many people will have the ability to find one appropriate to them. The significant differences in design normally come down to the differences in the type of battery used. A lot of optics in the 510 series, such as the popular 516, utilize AA batteries and are consequently the longest of the designs. In contrast 550 series models consisting of the 556 use a much smaller lithium CR123 battery allowing the optic to be visibly shorter. Most just recently (spring of 2009) the business began manufacturing the EOTech XPS series which are the tiniest in their line of product without a doubt.


There are many potential disadvantages to EOTech that some users sometimes mention. While the battery life is approximated at a thousand hours for many models, this is still less by a noticeable margin than that of most Aimpoint brand name red dot sights. And while 1000 hours seems like a long period of time, it can pass faster than you would think for those whose weapon is being used every day. Another thing that is frequently discussed in comparison with the Aimpoint is EOTech's tendency to regularly malfunction in specific extreme situations or environments. Again this is incredibly unusual and is only brought up when comparing it to it's just other real competitor in quality but it deserves keeping in mind, especially if you depend on your weapon daily. Asking 100 people, educated of this type of optic, which of these brand names they choose would likely yield fifty reactions for each. This polarization of viewpoints is why I have chosen to stick primarily with highlighting the benefits of one brand name while steering far from the common arguments and completely recognizing the equivalent worth of the rival.

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